Täällä Bunny bloggailee seikkailuistaan vaihtarina Japanin Kiotossa! Opiskelen Kyoto Sangyon yliopistossa Japanin kieltä ja kulttuuria syyskuusta 2010 helmikuuhun 2011. Toivottavasti innostut seuraamaan toilailujani täällä nousevan auringon maassa, koska niitä riittää!


torstai 2. syyskuuta 2010

I planned my budget for this exchange forever ago, but I totally forgot so many important things I have to get before I leave! Contact lenses for half a year (70 euros), pills for half a year (90 euros), makeup stuff I need to get from Finland (60 euros), Kilroy's student card thing (they made me pay for it double, dammit! Hopefully I get it sorted out tomorrow) and so on...

The suckiest thing is that I won't get money from Kela this month, even if I'm already leaving to Japan on the 15th. Apparently I have to study at least 18 days per month to get proper Kela money... So on what money am I supposed to live the first 15 days in Japan?!

Enough with the complaining, I still haven't heard anything from Mr. Churton about whether I get my own room or have to share. I've already emailed him a billion times so I don't want to bother him again! o.O I guess I just have to wait!

I've been trying to study lots of Japanese lately, mostly revising the stuff I've learnt this far, I don't have time to start studying any new stuff anymore!

Oh yeah, me and Sara and Eve went to see Toy Story 3 today and it was awesome!! It was funny and sad and most of all nostalgic! It made us feel like going home and apologizing to all our toys for being forgotten when we grew up :D It was such a fun day with the girls tho! So thank you^^<3

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